John Dickson

Australian writer, speaker, and academic. Public advocate for the Christian Faith

Welcome to the documents page for The Origins of Christianity 2019 tour of Israel. Here you will find a range of PDF files (for online viewing or downloading) to enhance your knowledge of the places and events of Jesus' life. 


The most important thing you will need is this 2019 Lecture Outlines and Readings - a lengthy document providing a brief synopsis of each lecture and numerous historical readings relevant to our tour.

You may also want to download the following bonus material:

PDF images for Lecture 1, ‘Jesus in Contemporary Scholarship’.

PDF images for Lecture 5, ‘Jesus Among Other Healers’

Sources and Methods for the Study of Jesus - a chapter on historical method, from John Dickson's Jesus: a Short Life.

Jesus’ Circle of Friends and his Miracles - two chapters on key issues in Christ’s life, from John Dickson’s Jesus: a Short Life