Dr John Dickson

Australian writer and speaker — public advocate for the Christian Faith


Real Faith

October 2018

Many people in secular society have an overwhelmingly negative view of the Christian faith. They are largely unaware of the many positive contributions that people of faith have made over the years. John helps set the record straight and shares many of the positive stories of Christianity.

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5 books on why Reading the Bible is Important
Bible Gateway blog

October 2018

John briefly discusses five books that encourage people to read the Bible.


Australian Christian Book of the Year Shortlist announced

July 2018

John Dickson’s book ‘A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus’ was shortlisted for the 2018 Christian Book of the Year


How Christian Humility Upended the World
ABC Religion and Ethics

June 2018

Humility came to be regarded as a virtue in Western culture as a consequence of Christianity's dismantling of the all-pervasive honour-shame paradigm of the ancient world.

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May 2018

John Dickson talks to the panel about the documentary For the Love of God: How the Church is better and worse that you ever imagined.

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The Drawing Room, Radio National Drive
May 2018

Patricia Karvelas grills Justine Toh and John Dickson on RN Drive about the best and worst of Christian history.


A Doubters Guide To Jesus
Moody Radio

March 2018

The central question of Christianity is, “Who is Jesus?” But there’s a lot of doubt and confusion about him. John Dickson will answer that question from the earliest historical sources.


A Triumph Over the Pharisees?
ABC Religion and Ethics

November 2017
Why Julia Baird is wrong about Christian support for same-sex marriage.


The true meaning of Easter
The Daily Drive, Omny FM

April 2017
John Dickson chats to Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about the true meaning of Easter.

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Bite size answers to big faith questions
hope 103.2

March 2017

“Is Science and God opposed? If God is real, why is there so much suffering? How can we trust the bible?”


Piercing the Sadness: How God resolves the world’s discord
ABC Religion and Ethics

December 2016

God intends to take all the discord and sadness and somehow weave it back into his eternal melody.

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Can we love our enemies in a godless world?
The Drum

May 2016

To suggest Jesus never told anyone what to believe in is not only historically wrong, it misses the essential connection between what we believe and how we treat others.

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Lift your spirits
Radio National

October 2015

A husband suddenly incapacitated, a wife struck down with depression challenge their partners to find ways to help them and not fall into depression themselves.


Think Religion is Detrimental to Mental Health? Think Again
ABC Religion and Ethics

October 2015

If you genuinely think this temporal, material reality comes from a timeless immaterial Mind, all aspects of life are infused with added meaning.

Is there still a place for SRE in schools?  
Daily Telegraph

April 2015

John Dickson makes a case in the Daily Telegraph for the importance of teaching kids about the Christian faith as part of their cultural backstory.

Minister urges for review into churches’ responses  
ABC The Drum

March 2015

John Dickson from the Centre for Public Christianity has called for an independent review into churches' responses to domestic violence. He talks with The Drum's Julia Baird.

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The church must confront domestic abuse  
ABC The Drum

March 2015

Conservative evangelical institutions should urgently consider commissioning a study into both the prevalence of domestic violence in churches and clergy responses to it, write Natasha Moore and John Dickson at The Drum.


Why Stephen Fry’s Complaint Against God is Unconvincing - if You’re a Christian  
ABC Religion and Ethics

February 2015

A different take on evil, suffering, and faith: John Dickson walks us through the logic of the Christian position, at ABC Religion and Ethics.

Rising tide of cynicism towards the Bible  
Fox News

February 2015

John Dickson appeared on Fox News to discuss his new book, A Doubter's Guide to the Bible.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas ...  
ABC Religion and Ethics

December 2014

You can almost set your clock by it. Another article appears arguing Jesus never lived - so Christmas must be upon us. At ABC Religion and Ethics John Dickson responds to his former student, Raphael Lataster.