Dr John Dickson

Australian writer and speaker — public advocate for the Christian Faith



Australian Christian Book of the Year shortlist announced  

July 2015

John Dickson's book 'A Doubter's Guide to the Bible' was shortlisted for the 2015 Christian Book of the Year.

Cross-border battle erupts over religious education in school  
SBS World News

May 2015

John Dickson speaks to SBS World News about the banning of a book he wrote from Scripture classes in NSW.

Does Christianity really offer women a seat at the table?  
ABC Moral Compass

May 2015

John Dickson appears on Moral Compass alongside Kristina Keneally and Julia Baird to discuss the role of women in the church.

Is there still a place for SRE in schools?  
Daily Telegraph

April 2015

John Dickson makes a case in the Daily Telegraph for the importance of teaching kids about the Christian faith as part of their cultural backstory.

A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible  
Vision Radio

March 2015

John Dickson speaks to Neil Johnson on Vision Radio about his new book, A Doubter's Guide to the Bible: Inside History's Bestseller for Believers and Skeptics.


John Dickson from the Centre for Public Christianity has called for an independent review into churches' responses to domestic violence. He talks with The Drum's Julia Baird.

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The church must confront domestic abuse  
ABC The Drum

March 2015

Conservative evangelical institutions should urgently consider commissioning a study into both the prevalence of domestic violence in churches and clergy responses to it, write Natasha Moore and John Dickson at The Drum.


Why Stephen Fry’s Complaint Against God is Unconvincing - if You’re a Christian  
ABC Religion and Ethics

February 2015

A different take on evil, suffering, and faith: John Dickson walks us through the logic of the Christian position, at ABC Religion and Ethics.

Rising tide of cynicism towards the Bible  
Fox News

February 2015

John Dickson appeared on Fox News to discuss his new book, A Doubter's Guide to the Bible.

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas ...  
ABC Religion and Ethics

December 2014

You can almost set your clock by it. Another article appears arguing Jesus never lived - so Christmas must be upon us. At ABC Religion and Ethics John Dickson responds to his former student, Raphael Lataster.

I’ll eat a page from my Bible if Jesus didn’t exist  
ABC The Drum

October 2014

At The Drum John Dickson responsed to claims by the director of an Adelaide sceptical society that a 'wave' of contemporary historians doubt that Jesus ever lived.

A letter to my church about Islam  
ABC The Drum

September 2014

As fears about Islamic State echo around the West, John Dickson urges members of his church to shun simplified understandings of Islam and instead meet Muslims with love and friendship. The letter was then published at The Drum

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Why theology matters even if there is no god  
ABC The Drum

September 2014

Even if there is no god theology still offers great insight into modern thinking and, yes, even science, as the late Wolfhart Pannenberg proved, writes John Dickson at The Drum.

Top 10 tips for Atheists this Easter  
ABC The Drum

April 2014

Atheists should drop their easily dismissed scientific, philosophical or historical arguments against Christianity, and instead quiz believers about Old Testament violence and hell, writes John Dickson for The Drum

Noah's Ark: the facts, the fiction?
March 2014
John Dickson spoke to John Stanley and Garry Linnell on the 2UE Breakfast show about the historicity of the story of Noah, in anticipation of the release of the blockbuster film.